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Hi, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Amanda.  I have wanted to start a blog for many years.  It is a joy of mine to help others with their beauty and health concerns or questions. My aim in writing this blog is to share knowledge, research, education and experience in a way that may be beneficial. 

My passion for beauty and health started at a young age. I can remember being interested in makeup and skin care when I was just a girl; I was intrigued by the variety of my mother's products. I loved watching her put on makeup and care for her skin. As a pre-teen, I started giving myself facials, experimenting with different products and creating homemade skin care recipes. I can remember having my little sister or friends act as my "model, so I could test out makeup looks and skin products. My aunt introduced me to my first professional spa facial and eyebrow wax as a pre-teen, this initial encounter urged me to deepen my knowledge in the field of skin care.

My professional background consists of many years in the beauty industry, which include educational training as an esthetician and massage technician, along with, several certifications in a variety of aesthetic modalities. Within the past decade, my experience has encompassed consulting, coordinating and marketing for top plastic surgeons in southern California. Additionally, I have worked with one of the most successful Aveda spas on California's west coast and several highly-profitable medical spas in San Diego and Orange County.  

In my down time, I enjoy staying active by hiking, riding my bicycle, weight training, yoga and pilates. I am a trained yoga instructor, although it has been a few years since I have taught a class, it is my plan to get back into teaching soon. I enjoy volunteering time to my community and spending quality-time with friends and family. I am an adventurist and explorer by nature; always willing to try (almost) anything once.

Your interest in my blog is very much appreciated. Feedback is always welcome.  Please feel free to share your own thoughts, questions or experiences. I look forward to sharing with you as well.

With love and light,


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